The Risk Factors of Dementia

Can be divided into non-modifiable and modifiable ones:-

1. Non modifiable Risk factors- are advanced age, elderly females, a positive family history of Dementia, and Down’s syndrome.

2. Modifiable Risk factors are cardiovascular- High blood pressure, Diabetes, Obesity, increase in cholesterol (atherosclerosis), stroke, etc. Smoking, drinking large amounts of alcohol, and substance abuse.

3. Nutritional deficiencies, a diet rich in fats, a sedentary lifestyle, poor quality of sleep, etc.

4. Poor mental health (depression), loneliness, social isolation, etc.
Hearing loss in midlife plays a significant role.

5. Repeated head-injury

6. Low level of education, little demanding occupation, Air pollution.

7. Gait problems to falls, slowing of walking speed, decrease in handgrip, etc.

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