Dimaag ka haal Sirf Dimaag wala hi jaane !!!!

Psykart is a Brain health platform that helps people connect with the best specialized, individualized brain health centers and experts who practice evidence-based treatment for depression & anxiety, dementia, memory loss, bipolar disorder, OCD, PTSD, Sex & Relationship problems headache and panic disorder


Psykart clinics

Psykart Clinics provides choosing and booking brain health services like specialized programs for Depression and anxiety, memory and dementia, ADHD and poor school performance, headache, sex & relationship issues. The company headquarter is in sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India and founded by Mr Deepak Koul, Entrepreneur and Mental health influencer.


adherence to treatment is the key towords spectacular results

We are proud of the reputation we have earned for clinically excellent treatment within an environment that encourages long-term healing and recovery.

Through a treatment process delivered by compassion and empathy, we create a safe environment where you can truly feel comfortable. Our team of experts with whom we have partnered is dedicated to your overall well-being and journey to holistic recovery!

Redefining Mental Healthcare In India



Embracing a world where brain health is a long journey full of adventures for all , not a confined training ground



Psykart mission is to make brain health care more Joyous accessible and affordable for everyone. We believe that everyone deserves to have access to the best possible care & empathic community around, regardless of their income or location.



Compassion, Cultural Sensitivity, Curiosity, Creativity & Fun, Collaboration, Empowerment, Openness, Impact-driven, Empathy and Inclusivity

Our Services

Brain Clinics

Brain clinics specialize in assessing and treating various neurological and psychological conditions, utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and therapeutic interventions.


Book mental healthcare like a hotel. Stress-free admissions for Delhi NCR. Compare treatment, cost, location & more. Let us guide you to the best fit for your loved one

Natural Memory Enhancers

Natural memory boosters include foods like blueberries, omega-3-rich fish, herbs like ginkgo biloba, exercise, quality sleep, mental challenges, and stress management.

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