Refund Policy

PSYKART  is committed to providing each customer with an excellent service.

Thank you for choosing PSYKART for your transaction. We appreciate your trust in our services. Please review our refund policy carefully before making any transactions.

Refund Process:

  • The transaction was completed through Phone pay.
  • The product or service is in its original condition and has not been used or consumed.
  • If you are not completely satisfied with the Services you have paid for, you may send us an email to within 24 hours our team will connect.

Once you send an email, our team will get in touch to know the exact issue or problem for your dissatisfaction & will try to resolve your problem & query. If we are not able to solve it, only then we shall issue your refund. The right of final decision on refund stays with the company

Refund Denial:

You will be provided with a thorough explanation of the reasons behind the rejection of your refund request.
If you would like more information or help, you may get in touch with our team.

Important Note: Psykart, a service-based organization, emphasizes accurate form submissions. Refunds are not applicable for user errors, template misunderstandings, or duplicate purchases. Please ensure correctness to enhance your Psykart experience. Thank you for choosing Psykart services.

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