Coping with emotional Impact of caring for someone with dementia

  • Dementia affects not only the person with it but also their loved ones.
  • Taking care of Dementia patient is the most stressful and burdensome type of care giving lasting for several years.
  • There is lack of awareness about Dementia in India. The symptoms of Dementia mainly memory impairment is considered normal with advancing age.
  • Patients are brought to the doctor when they have gross behavioral problems and become difficult to manage
  •  Caregivers are invariably stressed out due to the Burden of the disease.
  • They have mental and physical heath issues.
  • The Caregivers have greater risk of Depression and anxiety and poor quality of life.
  • Have social withdrawal from family and friends.
  • Found to have greater risk of mortality.
  •  There is less or no time to themselves.
  • They have sleep deprivation along with mental and physical exhaustion.
  • One should know in detail about the illness of Dementia, how it affects the behavior, memory and Activities of daily living.
  •  Find sources of help from contacts ,family and friends.
  •  Find personal time, do something you enjoy. Find time to exercise, eat well and sleep adequately.
  •  Look for Support Groups for Caregivers.
  • Look after your physical and mental heath, identify symptoms of Depression and seek help.
  • Caregivers with a high burden of disease have potential for mistreating the patient, one must keep that in check
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