How does anxiety affect you?

Anxiety affects people in many ways. It can make it hard to think clearly, causing racing thoughts and trouble concentrating. Emotionally, it can make someone feel really worried, uneasy, or even panicked. This can also show up physically with things like sweating, shaking, or a fast heartbeat.

Socially, anxiety can make someone want to avoid being around others or doing certain things, which can make it tough to make friends or keep relationships strong. When anxiety sticks around for a long time, it can mess up sleep, making someone tired and cranky. It can also make it hard to make good decisions or solve problems.

Anxiety can even weaken the body’s defenses, making it easier to get sick or have heart problems and depression problems. And if anxiety isn’t dealt with, it can make things worse over time, leading to even more serious issues like depression or substance abuse. So, getting help through therapy, medication, or learning healthy ways to cope is really important for feeling better overall.

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